"Thank you very much for your software! I was experiencing quite a few glitches and my system was freezing so I thought I should check to see if everything was working as it should. I purchased REGSERVO and ran it. It told me I that I had 212 entries and then it automatically removed them. Thanks to your software, I now have a perfectly running system! Thanks again!"

Tim J.
Vancouver, BC


Is REGSERVO One Of the Top Five Registry Cleaners?

August 6th, 2010 Geek Posted in regservo 240 Comments »

A good registry cleaner is one that will scan your computer for problems that can occur and then fix them. Depending on the registry cleaner software that you choose, this can either be an ultra-easy experience or an unbelievably hard experience.

However, if you have a slow computer, a computer that has multiple System 32 Errors constantly popping up, or a computer that crashes on a regular basis, then using a registry cleaner may be your best option to restore your computer to like new status.

When looking for a registry cleaning program you need one that is easy to use and ultimately effective. There are hundreds to thousands of registry cleaning programs available, but these five are the cream of the crop:

  1. REGSERVO: REGSERVO is so easy to use that anyone, regardless of computer skill, can effectively implement the program. They offer a free scan so you can see exactly what is bogging your computer down and clean up the problems with just another couple mouse clicks. With a 60-day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, REGSERVO is the complete package.
  2. Error Nuker: Easy to use and while not as effective as REGSERVO, it does clean up most major registry problems. They also offer a free download so you can see what is wrong with your computer’s registry before you attempt to fix it.
  3. Registry Fix: As with REGSERVO and Error Nuker, a free scan is offered. Registry Fix is both easy to use and is overall very effective. They also offer live chat Monday thru Friday from 5am to 11pm.
  4. Registry Easy: Registry Easy is still easy to use, but their process is not as simplified as the top three. It is very effective and they also offer quick e-mail customer support.
  5. RegSweep: RegSweep makes the top five list, but the system implementation will probably require you consulting the user’s guide. The program is overall very effective and also offers a free scan.

Each of the top five programs has their own pros and cons, but of the top five only REGSERVO comes with both a money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Again, there are many other registry cleaners out there, but you will be hard pressed to find any that compare with the ease of use and overall effectiveness of these top five.

This is our Full REGSERVO Review. Good luck !

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